An Interview with Gisèle Lagacé

Starting back in 2000, Cool Cat Studios debuted online and thus began the illustrious webcomic career of one artist Gisèle Lagacé.  That series came to an end in 2007, but Gisèle by that time was involved in other projects.  Part of Penny & Aggie until 2009, she currently works on Ménage à 3 and Eerie Cuties.  A very dynamic creator Ms. Lagacé will also be starting a new spin-off series from Eerie Cuties called Magick Chicks beginning in January of 2011.  All of the webcomics mentioned above are available in print, manga sized, except Eerie Cuties – but that one’s first book is currently in the pre-order stage and will be out in November.

Despite a heavy workload, In Genre was gifted with a little bit of the talented Gisèle’s time as she answered a few questions for us!  Enjoy!


In Genre – Cool Cat Studio, Penny & Aggie, Ménage à 3 and now Eerie Cuties… you are quite a prolific artist. But at the beginning – was Cool Cat Studio your first attempt at a webcomic?

Gisèle Lagacé – Yes. I had been wanting to do a comic for a while at that point, and when I saw other cartoonists posting their comics to the web, it really motivated me to do the same. Since it was my first comic, I went with the “write what you know” approach (I worked as a graphic designer at the time.)

IG – How did you hook up with your collaborator on Penny & Aggie?

GL – T Campbell & I actually started working together about a year into Cool Cat Studio. He had contacted me to talk about writing, and we hit it off. I was needing a break from writing, as I was extremely busy at work, so T took over the writing chores on CCS, and then later again in 2007, once we took the project off a 5 year hiatus to complete it. In 2004, 2 years in my hiatus from CCS, I had the itch again to do a comic, so I came up with the idea of Penny & Aggie. I was still fairly busy with my day job, so I contacted T Campbell to see if he’d want to write it, and he gladly did. The rest is history.

IG – What was the reason you stopped working on Penny & Aggie?

GL – I had drawn it for 5 years, and was wanting to do something else. With one of the major arcs concluding, the timing felt right. Drawing takes a lot of time, so when you have all these projects in your head that you’d like to do, you eventually have to step away from one (or end one) if you want to do everything you’d like to do.

IG – Ménage à 3 has a definite risqué edge to it compared to your previous works. What made you decide to take that extra step?

GL – It wasn’t really a conscious decision. I just liked the idea, and the thought of doing something a little bit wackier appealed to me.

IG – Eerie Cuties is your most recent webcomic project. Where did the idea for this series come from?

GL – I had been reading a lot of 4-koma (japanese 4 panel strip) manga, and really liked the idea of following a group of girls in school (it seemed to be a formula in the 4-koma’s I’ve read.) The original intent was for it to be super cute, but it ended up being a mixture of things. I went with monsters ’cause it was something I had never done. I like trying new things.

IG – What comic book artists (and writers, if you like) have most influenced your work?

GL – I like many artists, but at the top of that list would be Dan DeCarlo (art) and Rumiko Takahashi (art & writing).

IG – In a similar frame, what are some other media that you really liked, such as novels or movies, that helped influence your style?

GL – I like romantic comedies such as Raising Arizona, Moonstruck and A Fish Called Wanda. I also like most of the stuff by Kevin Smith, Adam Sandler, Quentin Tarantino, and Robert Rodriguez (I’m sure I’m forgetting some.) Novels… aside from a bit of Stephen King and Anne Rice, I don’t read that many.

IG – Outside of your own work and that of your past and present collaborators (T Campbell, Dave Zero1), what webcomics do you currently enjoy reading?

GL – I don’t follow any on a regular basis. Dave points me to a couple here & there (Sinfest, Cyanide & Happiness, Gunshow, etc) when he finds it funny. I also try and catch up on Luann once in a while (that’s one I often discuss with T Campbell). I also keep up with Rin-ne by Takahashi over at

IG – Other than webcomics, what kind of entertainment do you normally enjoy?

GL – Comics, manga, movies & music are probably what interest me the most.

IG – You were once part of a band named Barbarella (I assume named after the comic from the French cartoonist Jean-Claude Forest’s comic series as opposed to the movie?) – do you ever miss your days as a musician?

GL – When my boyfriend came up with the name, he knew of both the movie and the comic, so it doesn’t really matter. LOL

Yeah, I sometimes miss my days as a musician, but cartooning satisfies me just the same. Both are oddly similar to me. You follow beats in music, and story beats in comics.


Thank you so much, Gisèle!  Looking forward to seeing what Magick Chicks has in store for us!

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