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Comics this time around! Echo is coming to the end of it’s run, Morrison started by writing a comic based on a toy property that few people nowadays would have heard of, let alone remember, and Kevin Bacon is happy to play the Black King!

Okay, that last one is a movie news bit – but it’s a comic book movie, so…


X-Men: First Class Interviews

Kevin Bacon talks Sebastian Shaw on one of those social network-y page thingies, but it’s covered at –


You’ve tackled many interesting and diverse roles in your career. What made you decide to take on the role of Shaw?

It was a very quick decision. I loved the script, I wanted to work with Matthew Vaughn, it was a great part, and the cast is very strong.

Along with Magneto, Shaw is one of the most interesting villains of the X universe, but until now the character was unexplored in the movies. How have you made this role your own?

Shaw is complex, and his backstory is fascinating. And he is a manipulator. One specific piece of direction from Matthew Vaughn really defined the character for me: Shaw can change who he is depending on who he’s dealing with. He has those kinds of personal communication skills. That made him fun to play; in one scene he can be a German; in another, a Russian.

More here –


Comic Book Legends

A neat little article series that looks at gossip, rumors and myths about comic books and their creators and such is at CBR, and one of the topics in the recent edition is about Grant Morrison having started his career writing Zoids.  True story.

Read the current one here – – and the archives here –


Terry Moore Finishes Echo

Moore is one of my favorite creators.  SiP is one of my favorite comic book series ever.

Echo is pretty good too, and this article is about how that series is coming to a close…. and how it’s being turned into a movie!

When Moore isn’t working on his stories, he takes on side projects such as Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (Marvel) and Runaways (Marvel). He is working on a Sleeping Beauty story for Issue 107 of Fables (Vertigo), which follows the lives of fairy-tale characters in the modern world.

Rachel Rising, his third independent project, will launch in July. Rachel, the protagonist, is dead, and serial killers are involved.

Yay, a new Terry Moore series!

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