Step Into the Silent Grove

It’s been a while since anything new has come out for the Dragon Age universe. Although the well of DLC has slowed to a crawl, the novel Asunder was recently released, and now a digital exclusive comic, Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1, is available for purchase for a mere 99 cents from Dark Horse Comics’ digital store. Written by David Gaider, lead writer of both Origins and DA2, the miniseries stars King Alistair, traveling to Antiva with the rogues Isabela and Varric (both of DA2 fame) to uncover a hidden truth about his family line. Check it out today at Dark Horse’s digital store.


About the Author

Benton Sartore has been reading comic books off and on since his age was in single digits, and playing RPGs since college. He enjoys a variety of comic books, TV shows, and movies, and he's a little too proud of his DVD collection. And for some stupid reason, he can't let go of Star Wars, no matter how much dumb stuff the franchise does. Benton is also an acting editor at In Genre.