Wasteland 2 Kickstarter UP!

It’s here! It’s here!

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“I’m personally a big fan of the Wasteland series from having played the original game in the late 80s; I’ve also always admired Brian Fargo’s courage to experiment with new designs and game engines from my time working with him in the early days of BioWare when we worked with Interplay, and as a result I’m really looking forward to seeing the next game in the Wasteland series!” – Ray Muzyka – CEO Bioware

“Brian was one of the pioneers for the computer RPG with games like Bard’s Tale and Wasteland.  I would be very excited to see what Brian could achieve with a sequel to such a classic like the first Wasteland.”         – Rob Pardo – Executive Vice President of Game Design, Blizzard Entertainment

“Anyone over the age of 30 should be recovering from a heart attack after reading the thread title. Yes, Wasteland has been confirmed as inXile’s next project, and will they will be doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund it.

My balls haven’t dropped and thus I can’t press them up against this wall of awesome. Why should I care?
Well, Wasteland was the direct inspiration of a little franchise known as Fallout. It is often listed in those “best game of all time” lists. This sequel has the original creator Brian Fargo at the helm, and already he is putting together a team of Fallout and Wasteland veterans. The potential is huge.

I am old enough to grow a beard. And I’m stroking the shit out of it right now. Tell me, will this game be faithful to the original, or a crap FPS remake?
No, this is going to fly pretty close to the original. Here’s what Brian Fargo has to say to your beard:

My vision of this game is far closer to the original and will feel a lot more comfortable to the typical RPG player so what changes there are should fit comfortably with the gameplay conventions. I want anyone who played Fallout or Wasteland to feel comfortable stepping right into the shoes of this Wasteland. I have wanted to play and make a party based RPG for some time and my hopes are that the fans will also. Besides graphics the biggest element that needs to be focused on is the audio. We have some clever ideas on the use of radio communication and we are going to spend considerable time creating a mood with the use of an atmospheric sound track and sound effects. We want to build on what was done before rather than “rework” it.

- What Is Schwa?, Penny Arcade Forums

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“has already amassed over $60,000 in the space of an hour.” – http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/165585/Wasteland_2_Kickstarter_launches_with_900K_goal.php

“It was deep, it was glorious and when hassles over rights to the IP prevented a sequel, it served as the inspiration for the far-more-famous post-nuclear RPG series Fallout. And now, hopefully. it’s on the way back.” – http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/116290-Wasteland-2-Kickstarter-Explodes-Like-a-Blood-Sausage

“some of you have even tried to throw money at the screen, and now the screen will actually accept your money if this is something you’d like to support. The Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2 is now live and is currently receiving about $1,000 per sentence I write, which means I should stop writing sentences and just paste in the link.” – http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/03/13/fall-in-wasteland-2-kickstarter-is-live/

And for the love of GOOD, non-hybrid cRPGs, go to the Kickstarter page and DONATE!  Do it!  DO IT NOW!



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