BioWare Announces ME3 “Extended Cut” Ending

We’ve avoided talking about the Mass Effect 3 ending on here too much, mostly because we’re still in the depression stage of grief, but also because the rage against the ending and why it fails both as a concluding statement and as a literary device have been well-documented elsewhere, and at this point, I don’t have anything new or original to add.

BioWare has heard the complaints and is releasing this summer, for free (wisely), an Extended Cut DLC that will provide more context for the ending and more resolution to the story threads left dangling.  (That I finished the game and wondered “What about all those civilizations I helped save and/or destroy?  Are my squadmates alive or dead?  Why was Joker flying away from the battle?  And why didn’t Harbinger get any lines?” indicate that the ending might’ve been better served to just be a blank screen reading “Our cinematics budget ran out.”)  It’s too soon to judge the content itself of this DLC, but the fact that BioWare is sticking with “This ending is an artistic statement” suggests they’re sticking to their guns (despite a few stray posts from BioWare writers suggesting what the original ending was intended to be, and suggesting that the project runners deciding the ending without the input of the writing team).  It casts a pall over the future of BioWare as a whole — I know I’m more reluctant to buy their games from now on, especially as this is the second game in a row from them that’s screwed up what should’ve been a slam-dunk ending.  The ending in my own mind is far, far more interesting than the “choose your color of space magic” we got, and the ending I imagine is canon to me, at least.


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